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Sylph - World's First Multi-Path Blog Theme

It shouldn't only be your theme, it should be your BEST FRIEND when it comes to blogging, something you’re
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virtually, anybody who's willing to take his blog to the next level.

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Small changes, propagated into big results. Imagine doing great things without having to
spend a lot of time on it. Yup, that’s how we built Sylph! All on the front-end,
forget about the “back and forth” checks. It’s that easy.

With just some clicks, you’ll get exactly what you want. It’s that easy,
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only the best items from the top blogs

We took the best and gave it to you.

We’ve selected only the best & most used things from top blogs in the
industry. Listen, we know this is hard to grasp, but think of it as
“We’ve looked at the best of the best and selected only
the best of what they offer.” and we give that to you.

Don’t believe us? We get you. See below.

For savy & serious

For loving & caring
Blogger Mommies!

For fashionistas &
shopping gals!

...and that's just some of it.

we’ve done our homework

Layouts & Headers

We’ve taken the world’s most popular blogs for each niche and single-handedly analyzed
their layouts. We came up with these 3 main layouts and additional boxes that are
present on almost every single top blog!

Is that all of it?

We're just getting started.

view some headers

. . . . . . . . . . .

The Proof - Check the Documentation

You want more.

And we get it and that’s okay. We knew this before so we have more.

We don’t judge. We won’t ever say no to you.

the homepage elements

An homepage with
a lot of power.

The mini page-builder that we have is so simple, you’ll
want it everywhere. We provide you with lots of homepage
boxes that you can have, such as: Instagram Roll, Featured
Posts, Top Posts Slider, "Featured On" Homepage Box.

would you show them to me?

Sure - Have a look:

Posts Slider Widgets Instagram Featured in

perks & the community

The “Cool Kids” Club

Guys, but that’s not enough for me. Got some more?

Yes. Plenty of it.

Do you want more features? We know that, you sneaky one! Don’t worry.
We won’t say no to you. So here we go:

The Elite Bloggers Club

So, go get it, Champ! It’s worth it. Promise.


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